About our Farm

Nonesuch Oysters is a young, award-winning, boutique oyster farm. Our mission is to produce one of Maine’s best oysters and to have a positive impact on the local community.


We are located within a nature conservancy at Nonesuch Point in Scarborough, Maine, just south of Portland. Our Scarborough River boasts a Grade A water classification due to its "outstanding natural resource waters."  That's why we have such great-tasting, healthy oysters!

Already among Maine's favorites, Nonesuch free range oysters are gaining recognition nationwide for their beautiful color, hard shell and bright, fresh, salty-sweet taste with hints of sea grass. 


Nonesuch Oysters have been showcased on the menu at New York’s celebrated James Beard House (3 times!) and at Grand Central Oyster Bar.


We also received a lovely write-up in

Rowan Jacobsen's, OysterGuide.com,

and were featured in his recent opus,

The Essential Oyster:


"Nature works well when we let it."

Growing Beautiful Oysters Takes Time

Maine-native Abigail Carroll, and her team of young marine science enthusiasts, grow American (crassostrea virginica) and European Flat (edulis, otherwise known as ‘Bélon’) varieties using traditional,  environmentally-safe, grow-out methods.


The motto of the farm has become: nature works well when you let it.


We grow only naturally spawning seed (diploids, as opposed to triploids) sourced from Maine hatcheries and the oysters themselves are finished on the bottom, either free-range, meaning they spend the better part of their lives loose on the bottom of the riverbed, or in trays sitting on the bottom. 

While the difference in grow out techniques seems minor, the outcomes are surprisingly important and result in our having two brands of product: Nonesuch Emeralds - bright green in color and a robust meat with sweet grassy notes and Abigail Pearls - white in color and a more delicate meat accentuating the brine. 

Nonesuch Oysters, LLC

15 Holly Street; Suite 112

Scarborough Maine 04074


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Our Farm is located in Scarborough Maine,
just south of Portland.
Nonesuch Maine Oysters

Will and Alex. Male models for Grundens. ;)