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the Maine Coast


the Maine Coast

Seafood for your Belly

In 2010, NONESUCH began as a tiny oyster farm in a nature conservancy in Scarborough, Maine, just south of Portland. Today we are an award-winning company and our oysters are in select, food-worshiping restaurants across the country! NONESUCH now offers a range of healthy Maine seafood and wellness products infused with Maine marine ingredients and a Maine Coast spirit.

We ship the Maine Coast to your door every Wednesday!

(Orders by 12 pm Tuesday) 

Free Shipping for Seafood Orders of $50 and more.


Seafood for your Skin

Seafood for your Skin

NONESUCH offers beautiful handmade skin care products made with locally harvested skin-superfoods like seaweed and sea salt. Our products are packaged with the environment and our active lifestyles in mind. 
All of our products contain one of our proprietary Maine seaweed serums. Maine seaweed is packed with anti-oxidants as well as vitamins and minerals that are essential to our health, inside and out. It's truly super food for your skin. 
Our skin is our biggest organ. Feed it well!
​1% of profits are donated to clean water initiatives.

Free Shipping on Skincare

"A must pack item."
-Travel & Leisure
(hand salve)
"This might just be the Holy Grail of Skincare."
-Elizabeth Dulin
(Face Lotion & Face Oil)
"Utter perfection."
-Sophia Lazrak
(Face Lotion)
"Refreshing and Effective."
(Face Oil)
"This stuff is awesome!"
-Devorah Wharton
(Hand Salve)
"..fast becoming my favorite body products."
(Body Scrub & Oil)


the Maine Coast


Seacoast Selections

When people leave our farm tours, we are often asked for recommendations for what to do next. Below we've provided a growing list of coastal recommendations for coast sports, food, shopping, and cultural exploration. Keep an eye out for our newsletter as well for tips on what's new on the waterfront.

Click any icon or select the map drawer icon in the upper left corner to filter your favorite EXPERIENCES (sailing, surfing, shopping, or boat-in dining?)

Seafood begins with Sea Water

The future of our seafood lies in our back yards. Nobody is too far away to be concerned. The watershed for the Gulf of Maine extends into Canada. Good gardening and healthy lifestyle practices can keep our marine environment safe, healthy, and productive.

These two oysters are of the same species. The seed was purchased from the same hatchery. They are the same age. They were both grown on our farm. We call the one on the left an Abigail Pearl and the one on the right a Nonesuch Emerald. What is different is that they were grown in different places in the water column: in suspended gear and free range on the bottom. At low tide that represents very little difference. But small changes in the marine environment have huge ramifications for what's living there. We must take great care.


Learn more by reading Abigail's piece in the Portland Press Herald.


on the Maine Coast

Good Reads
Haiku Challenge
Maine as Muse


Click to watch Abigail's Maine Live Talk


Seashore Literary Pursuits

I've selected some great reading, books that I think about almost every day as an oyster farmer, environmentalist, and citizen of Maine and the world. I am honored to have NONESUCH appear in some of these books. Others are important big picture reads that help us better understand our seafood and our world.
Below, we invite everyone to submit an Oyster Love Haiku.
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Our Farm is located in Scarborough Maine,
just south of Portland.