On the Fly Mignonette Sauce

On the boat we don't have time to be fussy, but a mignonette sauce is still always worth the effort. The classic French mignonette sauce has three ingredients: Red Wine Vinegar, Shallots and Pepper. On the boat, I skip the pepper. And I love to play with different vinegars. Champagne or white wine vinegar are my favorites

Here's the recipe:

Vinegar (your choice) 

Minced Shallots


I suggest a ratio of Vinegar to Shallots of 3:1 

Impossible to Fail Baked Haddock

Cover the bottom of a baking pan with very thin slices of sweet onion, and either crushed or sliced garlic if you like it. Lay haddock filets on top over the onions. Add a few sliced or cubed tomatoes and green pepper slices or cubes for color over the fish and onions. Pour white wine over the fish so there's enough to cover the base of the pan. Add fresh ground pepper and your favorite herbs . You can also add a little heat with red pepper flakes if you like. Optional: Place thin slices of lemon on the haddock.  Bake 350* for 20-25 minutes. It's hard to mess up and it's delicious. Serve with rice or sweet potatoes.

Ingredient Recap:

Olive Oil

Onions & Garlic


Green Pepper (optional)

White Wine

Pepper, Spices, Red Pepper



Succulent Seared Scallops

For someone who loves food but hates to cook, searing scallops is very satisfying. It takes under 10 minutes and makes you look like a Master Chef! A great way to wow your friends with very little effort. Place frying pan on high heat. Maybe not "Hi" but close to it. Add olive oil to the pan and a healthy chunk of butter. The butter is key to easy browning. I like to add lemon juice at this point because lemon-butter is one of my most favorite things. When the pan is nice and hot, place the scallops in it. Let them turn golden brown and then flip them over, until they are golden brown on the other side. Even big scallops should be cooked within 7 minutes. These are great over pasta, with rice or just on top of a nice green salad.

Ingredient Recap:

Olive Oil




Shuck-free Oysters Rockefeller

Captain Ed shared with me his fantastic Rockefeller recipe. I didn't think I liked Oysters Rockefeller until I made them myself Ed's way! 

Step 1: Heat up grill or broiler

Step 2: Mince and then sautée the following with a splash of white wine or vermouth: onion, garlic, spinach and mushroom.

Step 3: Grate plenty of parmesan cheese.

Step 4: Place large oysters on grill for 2-3 minutes. This will partially cook the oysters and you will be able to easily pull off the lid (top shell).

Step 5: Spoon the sautéed mixture onto the half-cooked oysters. Cover each one with generous amounts of parmesan cheese.

Step 6: Cook until the parmesan cheese has a nice melted crusty crust.

Ingredient Recap:

Olive Oil





Parmesan Cheese

White Wine or Vermouth