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Dirty work makes for clean oysters

Nonesuch Cocktail Oyster: free range Maine oyster
Nonesuch Specials: free range Maine oysters, green and clean
Nonesuch Maine Belons: free range Maine oysters
Nonesuch Emeralds

Our classic Nonesuch Emeralds are finished, free range, on the bottom of the riverbed where they develop great shell consistency and a hearty rich meat with distinctive brown edges. Estuarial oysters, they have a fantastic balance brine and sweetness with hits of earth. All oysters raised on the bottom are purged on the water's surface for several days before taken to market to ensure a super clean oyster. 

Abigail Pearls

Our Abigail Pearls are raised in gear off the bottom and produce a smooth, delicate meat and an often snow white shell. Taste-wise they offer a similar estuarial mix of salt and sweetness but with more pronounced brine and distinct notes of sea-grass.

Nonesuch Flats

The Belon, otherwise known as the european flat or oestra edulis is considered one of the world’s most desirable oysters, no doubt due to its bold brininess, with what the French call a «noisette», or hazelnut, finish. We have limited quantities of Belons available to share with the lucky participants of our oyster tours.

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